Leadership: The Art of Winning Strategies for Leaders

Leadership: The Art of Winning Strategies for Leaders chennai

Leadership: The Art of Winning Strategies for Leaders

Date : 06 October
Venue :Quality Inn Sabari


In this workshop, you’ll engage in an exciting and intense journey toward becoming a Great leader who can engage employees, inspire people, and build a culture defined by collaboration and commitment.Leaders in today’s fast moving ever changing world need to constantly evolve to stay competitive and also keep up with the pace of business and technology.

One of the principles supporting the Agile Manifesto is:

‘Build projects around motivated individuals. Give them the environment and support they need, and trust them to get the job done’

Which means there is a constant need to change the way teams work and interact in an agile environment.

Agility requires willingness to learn on the fly. And with the speed of change accelerating, the old lessons no longer apply. This workshop is designed to have a check on this and also get different perspectives to be a strong leader.

Participants engage in the following program topics through a combination of action-learning experiences, interactive lectures, group discussions, team exercises, case studies, and real business projects.

Topics Covered

What defines a Leader?
Leadership in Agile context
Principles of Leadership
How to influence behaviors
Levels of Leadership
What’s your leadership style?
How to develop your agile leadership competence?
What’s Situational Leadership?
Managing rapid changes
Developing Strategic Leadership
Learning art of Delegation
Decision Making for Leaders

Who can attend

Executives and Leaders, Managers and Directors
Program and Project Managers
Product and Product Line Management
Leaders who have the skill to develop high-impact relationships and a culture of collaboration in order to drive results

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