Deep Dive Agile

Deep Dive Agile

Date : 08 – 09 Sep
Venue :Hotel Shelter, Mylapore


This workshop equips scrum masters and Agile practitioners to advancing their career to the next level by understanding the organizational levers that help Scrum teams succeed and appreciating the context of Agile Transformation.

Workshop covers areas Situational leadership, Change Management, Agile Mindsets, Systems Thinking, High Performance Teams and Agile Product Development among others.

Course Content:

  • Context of Agile
  • Deep dive into concepts – High performance teams, Business Value, Continuous improvement, flow, Waste removal,optimising entire value-stream (systems thinking) and Outcome focus
  • Product focus versus Project focus
  • What characteristics Agile Mindset
  • Traits of Agile Product Development- Funding,Organization Structure,
    Appraisals, Governance and Metrics
  • Supporting the Agile Transformation Journey through Change Management
  • Sustaining Agility
  • Growing as Agile Leaders

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